Pride Integrated Services, Inc

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About Pride

Pride Integrated Services is a private, not for profit agency that was first incorporated in the State of Florida in 1970 as Pride Halfway House, Inc. Pride specializes in developing and implementing services to meet the needs of the community we serve.  

Pride is the oldest, private probation agency in the United States and has been a pioneer in criminal justice and rehabilitative programming. Almost all Pride programs are self-supporting through the collection of client fees, costing the community and the taxpayer nothing.

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    Pride is the oldest, private probation agency in the country, having continually provided criminal justice services since 1970 and misdemeanor probation services since 1977.
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    Pride has developed numerous programs to enhance supervision of criminal justice clients. Pride was the first private agency to utilize electronic monitoring.
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    Pride has a proven history of responsiveness to the needs of the community and criminal justice system where we provide services.
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    Pride tailors services to meet the needs of the community and criminal justice system. We have the expertise to develop programs that meet your needs rather than bringing a "cookie cutter" program to your community and expecting you to conform to our services..
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    Cost Effective
    All Pride programs are user fee based. Pride has never charged the County for services provided. Pride forwards 100% of fines, fees, court costs and restitution to its appropriate recipient.
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    Non-Profit Agency
    As a not for profit agency, Pride answers directly to the community and not to shareholders. Any income generated is reinvested into the community and the programs we offer.
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    Community Focus
    Pride's priorities are with the local community - monitoring, training, supervision and support services directly benefit the immediate area.
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    Public Safety
    Pride employees come from the communities where we provide services. We are dedicated to the safety and security of our communities through comprehensive supervision services.
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    Agents of Change
    Pride has a responsibility to its clients to help them meet their needs for improving their lives and decreasing their probability of recidivism. Through cooperative affiliations with community resources, we help our clients get the services they need. Our interventions are not limited to the scope of the court order. We are agents of change in our clients' lives and see probation as an opportunity to facilitate those changes.