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Chatham County Probation Services

836 East 65th Street, Building 19
Savannah, GA  31405
Phone:  912-356-0041     Fax:  912-356-0043

Effective 02/01/2023 Pride will no longer be providing probation services in Chatham County. Probation services are being transferred to Southeast Corrections.
Contact Southeast Corrections at 145 Southern Blvd; Suite A, Savannah, GA 31405 Phone: (912) 388-2470 ext 2000 for probation services starting 02/01/2023.

Pride Integrated Services, Inc.
Part of the Community

Pride is committed to the communities we serve and has been providing criminal justice services for more than 40 years. Pride is the "oldest non-secular private probation agency in the United States".

As a non-profit organization, Pride's goal is not for a financial return on our investment. Instead, we seek a more tangible return in our communities.

All Pride Probation offices are user-fee based

Pride does not rely on any outside or governmental financial support for the provision of services. All operating expenses are met by the collection of fees for services form the probation clients. As agents of the Court, Pride collects fines, fees, court costs and restitution. All these funds are distributed to the various agencies or individuals without cost to the recipient. In addition to making exceptional financial sense for any jurisdiction, Pride is considered a leader in the development of innovative and effective sentencing options for the criminal justice population.

Pre-Trial Intervention / Deferred Prosecution

Also known as PTI, this type of program is coordinated through the County or municipal prosecutors with the acceptance of the local Judiciary. Through this program, a defendant (usually a first time offender) is offered the opportunity to enter into a specialized and closely monitored agreement that is designed to facilitate behavioral change and reduce the risk of recidivism. Successful completion of the PTI agreement generally leads to the original charges being dropped.

Behavior Choice and Change 

This four hour course is designed for non-violent misdemeanor offenders. It challenges participants to assess their thoughts and beliefs on behaviors that led to criminal activity. The course outlines a plan for changing attitudes as a model for changing behaviors. 

Call our Chatham County Georgia Office at 912-356-0041 for additional information.

Electronic Monitoring

Pride was one of the first private probation agencies in the United States to utilize Electronic Monitoring. Pride has provided many programs, including Supervised Release and House Arrest Programs that utilize electronic monitoring. Pride is currently a provider of the Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM) and has the expertise to develop and provide programs utilizing various electronic monitoring devices.

Court Programs

Pride offers several other cognitive behavioral programs that are designed to have a positive impact on the attitudes and behavior of the offender. For a list of additional Pride programs, click here
Pride in Chatham County

After a competitive bid process in 1997, Pride has was awarded the contract to provide probation services to the State Court of Chatham, Georgia.  Additionally, Pride began providing services to the Superior Court in Chatham County in 2001 and to the Town of Thunderbolt in 2006.

Pride is a register provider with the State of Georgia,Department of Community Supervision

Pride supervises approximately 2,000 clients in Chatham County, Ga.  In 2013, Pride collected over $38,000 of Restitution for Victims of Crime in Chatham.  Additionally, Pride collected almost $300,000 in State, County or Municipality fees.

Customized Services
  • To meet the needs of the Court in Chatham, Pride began providing SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) services in 2011.  Pride recently expanded its alcohol monitoring services to include the SCRAM Remote Breath; a portable and wireless alcohol monitoring device. 
  • Pride worked closely with the Court and District Attorney's Office in Chatham County to develop and implement a Violation Deferment Program.  Successful completion of the program results in the client receiving an assessment, intervention and enhanced monitoring.  The program is limited to probationers with a first time violation for testing positive drugs or alcohol test.  
  • The Supervised Own Recognizance Program is an additional service developed by Pride to providing pre-trial monitoring of individuals as directed by Court.  Conditions of SOR can include random testing, substance abuse treatment, restricted contact with person or place.